For moulds

Wire springs

Wire spring according to europe norms ISO 10243: 2010 – square croos-section of wire, according to Japanese norm JIS B5012 , according to US norm – oval wire cross section. Springs according to customer’s dimensions.

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Gas springs

Meet the most stringent safety standards of the automotive industry. Equipped with five patented safety systems. According to ISO 11901-1, VDI 3003, B2 4006 BMW , 075.90.55 FCA , W-DX35-6203 Ford , PG23D Mazda , B8 3180 220 000 001 MB , K 32 S ( K32D2-2400-50 ) Nissan , E24.54.815.G PSA , EM24.54.700 Renault , SES-K 5404e Suzuki , 39D 878 VW , SMS DNH 3203n Rev.3 TOYOTA

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Polyurethane springs

Two types of material – ADIPOL in hardnesses 72, 80, 90, 95, 98 Shore. Lifetime approx. 400.000 strokes. ULTRAFLEX in hardnesses 82, 92, 94 Shore. Lifetime approx. 800.000 strokes. Each hardness is in a different material colour.

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Ejector pins

Standard hardened or nitrided ejector pins. Flat ejector pins. Ejector Sleeves. According to customer’s requirements.

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Guiding elements

  • pillars, bushings
  • ball cages,
  • linear ball bearing bushings
  • locks
  • guide pins
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Hydraulic cylinders

  • Round cylinders
  • Block cylinders
  • Flanged cylinders
  • Screw-in cylinders
  • Standard cylinders
  • Locking cylinders
  • Stroke measuring cylinders
  • Special cylinders
  • Push units
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Hot runner controllers

  • Microprocessor controller with digital PID algorithm and automatic optimization
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Precision gauge strips and foils

A wide range of backing sheets, planchettes and high precision sheets in various types of steel, copper and zinc alloy. Choice of many thicknesses and widths. Hardness up to 60 HRC. Cold rolled in high precision. We also supply non-standard sizes and dimensions according to drawings.

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Hot runner systems

  • Complete hot runner systems
  • Nozzles, heating crosses, nozzle orifices
  • Heating elements, sensors, shut-off needles T
  • Thermocouples
  • Hot runner manifolds


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  • Horizontal clamps
  • Vertical clamps
  • Closing / hook clamps
  • Clamping / straight clamps
  • Precision hand clamps
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Parts according to drawings

  • Punches and die buttons
  • Core pins
  • Shape inserts and cores
  • Shape plates
  • Mould and tool frames, plates
  • Special applications
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